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The Upper Alaknanda Expedition

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    A self-contained multi-day river adventure down the Himalaya's Alaknanda river, one of the two headstreams of the mighty Ganges, and hydrologically, its true source. The trip starts from our base on the Ganges river near the pilgrim town of Rishikesh. We launch on the river from the town of Chamoli, to end at Rudraprayag. We'll descend 70 km of a classic river run, negotiating over 85 Class 3+/4 rapids. A scenic drive of 165 km (6hrs) hours takes us past the town of Devprayag, Rudraprayag and Nandprayag, situated on holy confluences which later form India's holiest river, the Ganges.

    We reach Kaldubagarh, situated above the Alaknanda, on the road to India's holiest shrines for the Hindus, Badrinath. Along the way, we pass Rudraprayag, best known for the infamous man-eating leopard shot down by Jim Corbett in 1932 in its forests. One of the most exciting river runs in this part of the Himalayas, we'll take you through thick forests, deep gorges, cascading whitewater, foaming rapids, sandy beaches and starry nights. All wrapped up to make this a truly memorable outdoor adventure trip.


    We'll board the morning Shatabdi Express from Delhi leaving at 6:55 am. Reach Hardwar at 11:30 am and transfer to Camp Silver Sands. We check into Camp Silver Sands, which is located on a large sandy beach on the banks of the Ganga river, followed by a briefing on camp, its activities and the trip to come. Short run until Shivpuri to get familiarized with paddling commands and safety techniques, negotiating a few rapids, like "Three Blind Mice", "Crossfire", and the "Body Surfing rapid". Return to Camp for hot tea, coffee and snacks. Campfire barbecue dinner and overnight Camp.

    An early morning 6hr drive to Kaldubagarh (the put in point). Along the way, we'll stop at Devprayag to see the confluence of the two rivers (the Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi) which meet to form the Ganga. Check into the guest house upon arrival and get personal kit ready. Spend the night in Kaldubagarh.

    An early start today, we drive an hour to Chamoli and begin our river trip after a comprehensive safety check. We'll raft 30 km with nearly 40 rapids today, including a possible portage at Hillary Fall. This is the spot where Edmund Hillary's famous "Ocean to Sky" expedition ended, being unable to travel up this rapid. Lots of paddling and lots of scouts, this is the quintessential river day. We'll float into familiar Kaldubagarh for the evening and spend the night at the guest house.

    Today we'll raft from Kaldubagarh to Gauchar, rafting down a series of nearly 20 Class 3+ rapids over a 4 hour day. We'll camp near Gauchar, 7 km upstream of the confluence of the Alaknanda with the Pindar at Karnprayag.

    Today we'll raft until below Rudraprayag in a 5 hour day covering 30 km of Class 3+/4 rapids, including a portage at "Kakar Fall". We'll then drive back down the valley to arrive at Camp Silver Sands for dinner. Overnight Camp.

    Relaxed morning at Camp and a post-lunch transfer to Hardwar to board the evening Shatabdi home. Arrive Delhi by 10:30 pm.

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